Rekijan Apps - Secret Roller

Why I made this app

I noticed that rolling secret rolls during game was a bit of a hassle. Rolling dice multiple times, or multiple at once and then sorting them out. As well as four times the math was slowing down the game. As well as a bunch of dice rolling isn't exactly secret anymore.
So with this app, you just do a bit of prep work (inserting numbers for each player) and then you just roll with a click of a button and everything comes out neat. You can even set the DC and see what the outcome (succes, critical success, failure, critical failure) is.

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Features of Rekijan's Secret Roller

  • Starts up with commonly used skills that have secret rolls
  • Add/edit/delete skills yourself
  • Save as many PCs as you want (add/edit/delete)
  • Edit each PCs skills (name, proficiency rank, modifier)
  • Pick a skill and get an overview for each PC rolled
  • Reroll the whole party or individually
  • Pick a target DC to generate an outcome (succes, critical success, failure, critical failure)
  • Has a helper to pick a target DC based on table 10-2: Skill DCs by level and difficulty

Initiative tracker screenshot

In the planning

  • Tablet version (2 screens open at all times)
  • Drag and drop to order PCs and Skills
  • Update for final version of PF second edition if needed

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