Rekijan Apps - Initiative Tracker

Why I made this app

A few of my friends playing the GM were looking for a good initiative tracker. But the ones they found all rolled the initiative for you without being able to do it manually. So I decided to make my own initiative tracker based on their wishes.

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Features of Rekijan's Initiative Tracker

  • Starts up with 5 empty characters
  • Each character can store initiative, hp, character name, notes, and up to 6 (de)buffs
  • Sort the list based on initiative
  • Add a character
  • Remove a character
  • Go to next turn
  • All buffs and debuffs decrease by 1 when that character's turn comes up
  • Buffs and debuff that expire notify you that they expired
  • Dialog when you press the HP field. Dialog will show original value, has an input, and 3 preview value fields, and three buttons: add, set, substract
  • When a character's hp decreases below 0 a prompt will ask if you want to remove that character
  • Save data when app is completed closed
  • Tablet layouts to optimally use their bigger screens
  • User can now customize the amount of (de)buffs, give them names and descriptions.
  • Layout changes; now a separate screen for extra details.
  • Ability to differentiate between PCs and NPCs.
  • Reset PCs hp to max.
  • Users can now tip €5 or €10 through the app menu.

Initiative tracker screenshot

In the planning

  • Handle when multiple characters have the same initiative
  • Save and load different parties (groups)

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